3D Printed Smart Phone Nanocopter

Hex is a completely open source nanocopter kit made by a community of makers from around the world. It’s also the world’s first consumer electronic product that uses 3D printing technology to achieve personalization.

What makes Hex so special:

Piloting made easy: With an extremely user-friendly control app, everyone can enjoy the feeling of being a pilot.

See the world from a different perspective: Put a camera on Hex and take video from the air, in real time.

Personalize your flying experience: You decide what you want your Hex to look like.

Be creative and hack: Hex is completely open source, modify it in any way you like.

No soldering required: Just click the kit to together to create your own personal copter in minutes.

Piloting made easy!

Smartphone controlled: Hex is controlled using smartphones and other mobile devices, so complicated remote controls are not required to get it off the ground. The control system we use, RC Touch, has an extremely user-friendly interface and is already available for iOS and Android devices.

Multiple control methods: Hex can be controlled using the gravity sensors in a mobile device. It imitates the movement of the smartphone or a tablet in the air. In addition, traditional throttle, elevator, aileron, rudder control systems can be used to operate your Hex.

Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 for communication: Hex uses Bluetooth 4.0 since this communication protocol is available in most modern mobile devices. Bluetooth 4.0 provides Hex with efficient long distance communication.

Auto-stabilization: Hex’s flight control system is paired with various sensors help to make flying more safe and steady. These components massively reduce the risk of crashing. The sophisticated electronics in the copter allow it to sense when Hex is not balanced and adjust the motor speeds accordingly.

See the world from a different perspective!

A camera can be attached to Hex for aerial photography and videography, including First Person View (FPV). With FPV glasses provided in the Hex Spy Kit, you can experience the thrills and joys of being in the air! A 5.8G Radio telemetry module is used for real time transfer of videos to the FPV glasses. Hex lets you see what the webcam sees on your mobile device in real time.

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